5 Most Famous Car Races

The high-performance motorsport tests drivers, the high-octane, making the achievements all the more magnificent, and the reward at the finish line are the more prominent. Whichever the category, racers are absolutely desirable, it has to everybody’s dream job with all these involved.


However everyone does not get to the top, the lucky ones undoubtedly with the talent get to the top and enjoy their victory for as long their callings last or even further than that. Some races have inspiring finishes, some are just boring. Though coming out with the best races can be challenging as most of the races went significantly well we have come up with the best among the best of the lists.


1. 1957 German Gp


This is the greatest race of all time when a driver, drives from end to end in the field, against incredible odds and comes out much ahead. There is no better instance of this than the unmatched Juan Manuel Fangio breaking every lap record, the deadly Nurburgring to protect possibly the ultimate victory in modern motorsports. The race itself is becoming a star rather than history.


2. 1976 Daytona 500


This race is well known for its crash at the end. We cannot deny that it was all amazing anyway. Pearson and Petty had faced off in a standard kind of racing that we always went out of all the Nascar races. Daytona 500 is one of the kind of racing that would want to witness every time that cars race.


3. 2010 V8 supercars gold coast


Just like BTCC, this Australia’s V8 Supercars successions is really incredible. It is like Nascar, it is just that it has corners and with fewer WWE-style. Shane Van Gisbergen and Jamie Whincup contested over the two last laps of this particular race, you would be more glad if you watched it to have a say to yourself; it was an amazing race.


4. 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix


If the Brazilian Felipe Massa won this race, which was at his home Grand Prix, he may possibly have won the whole championship and the formula one season had been known everywhere coming down to the wire. If Lewis Hamilton came 5th or even higher he would emerge the winner of the competition. Massa had won the championship, having caught up in the varying climate changes and even as he crossed the line, Hamilton had just come out of fifth to sixth, as Ferrari rejoiced; Hamilton then slid past another racer and finally made it up to the fifth. Not even he could believe that.


5. 2011 Canadian Grand Prix


No formula one Grand Prix has had a driver starting from the last and emerging the winner of the race. Although Jenson Button became too close at the previous year’s Montreal GP, being the winner from the last place with the best record of 6 pit stops at the lengthiest grand Prix in the entire history. He did this in his latter lap, making a mistake from the driver who never made mistakes. It was more of a deep sea battle than a race.


Racing is a good passion, one has to sacrifice everything. It is a dedication and the heat of competition. It is not only about men but about their machines. They are the guide through which we see the sport. Where our passion comes from and the joy. It is all about the noise and the speed.